About us
Seb & Fiona is a creative agency based in Spitalfields, East London.

Our services include copywriting, PR, blog production, consultancy and project management. We work with everyone from architects to music festivals, from small museums to multinational developers – anyone who needs first-rate creative input into a project, and access to a network of leading creative professionals.
We’ve project-managed public art and permanent historical installations for high-profile landmarks. We’ve executed PR campaigns for award-winning festivals, cinema groups, artists’ charities and fabled jazz labels. We’ve created new concepts for blogs and then put them together, post by post. We’ve produced maps embossed with silver, we’ve co-ordinated successful tube advertising campaigns and we’re doing lots of other things for a really exciting selection of people.
If you’d like more information or are interested in working with us, our details can be found at the bottom left corner of this page.
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